Twitter Analytics What does it consist of?

We all know what Twitter is since it represents one of the most important social networks today, considered the most frequent in information since it remains active second by second. However, what is the use of using it if we do not know how to measure what we do in it?

Companies bet on this network, with the intention of offering information about their brand and products or news related to the sector in which the target audience is located. Therefore, it is essential to know what we are doing well and what the results are. That is why Twitter Analytics exists.

What is it?

Twitter Analytics is:

A tool provided by the social network itself through which we can find out data about our tweets, followers, and the posts or pages on our website. Let’s say you are creating a statistics panel similar to the one we have on a Facebook fan page.

So, if we already have a profile on this social network, why not use this tool that allows us to know the scope of our publications? I will tell you what it is and how you can handle it.

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What does it consist of?

The first thing you should know is which is the control panel that allows you to analyze what you do on Twitter, and this is divided into three main aspects: Tweet Activity, Twitter Followers, and Cards.

Tweet Activity: It is the behavior of your Tweets, that is, what you say, your links, images, mentions, retweets, and more. Everything that indicates an activity counts as a valuation metric within the analysis.

At this point, it not only presents the activities of the tweets but also shows statistics of what you publish best, where you can see how many clicks, retweets, and favorites a publication had. Therefore, it is important that your content is really successful, adds value, and disseminates it at the correct time so that you can have an effective result.

Followers: Twitter Analytics allows you to know what your audience wants, giving you demographic information, location, and user preferences. With it, you can create valuable content for your followers, engaging and keeping them active in your account, in order to increase brand-audience interaction.

Remember that networks are for your users, so knowing what they want to know about your industry makes you different and make a difference. Therefore, it is important that you use this Twitter tool

Twitter Cards: This point allows you to control how your tweets look, it is a tool that helps to have a higher click rate and to know how your clicks, retweets, and mentions turn out. In addition, you can see how the behavior of your social media strategy has been.

The purpose of using Twitter Analytics is to know through this analysis how to generate more interactions and reach with your users. Do not forget that when people hear about you, they look for social networks as the first option, and if you offer them what they really want, you will earn much more than a client, you would have their trust that is the most valuable thing.

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