Could Vintage speaker’s sound better than modern speakers

Could Vintage speaker’s sound better than modern speakers

The short answer is yes, You can Ask How? or ask for proof. I’ll explain my answer in detail in coming up lines.

The vintage speaker is something that I really love and use for a long period. The reason behind this is its musicality. There is no doubt that the modern speakers have less refinement and better stuff however when I was listening to those speakers their sound really bored me.

On the other hand, I really enjoy the music of vintage speakers. When I play music, I literally get up from my chair and start dancing like a fool. These are the speakers that made me happy, cheerful and I really enjoyed the music without thinking about little things. That’s all matter, a speaker must have the ability to do this because this is their actual job. This is what I really like in vintage speakers. In my opinion, old speakers are unbeatable. I personally know and have met many people who didn’t upgrade their speakers because they love vintage speakers and nothing else matters to them because they love the sound.

I also see many cases where people demand advanced speakers in vintage form because they want high tech product and continue vintage speaker’s sounds too. I’ll suggest to the “Audio Pro Addon C10” this is what they want actually. This speaker comes in almost both features. For more information about this speaker, you can visit many sites like Soundspick, or Audio pro official website.

Now I’m gonna review one more vintage speaker and that is JBL of 300. I’ve been using this speaker for one and a half years. This is not an advanced speaker. JBL is the speaker of 1970.  It has a very special design that’s name is horn design.

If you look at the mid-range you’ll find a frame after removing it a horn that extends to the way back of the speaker’s room could be seen. You can adjust the horn frame according to your interest. That sounds great. Its woofers are 15-inch woofers. The Peter of JBL is very beautiful, it looks like a contains extensions with a high frequency you can adjust your volume from highest to lowest range according to your room. Its sounds really impress the listeners. Most JBL speakers were designed for pro use but it is actually designed for home use. Its wood grain and overall design are more attractive than the pro design of JBL speakers.

Let discuss its sound, it doesn’t need a lot to drive. In Fact, I have driven with 3 watts in a room and 12 watts in a big basement. Beasts slam on like the next world’s thing. Its 15-inch woofer has complete control on sound and has a tendency to really warm sounding. This is really an efficient speaker.