Houseboats Make A Perfect Getaway

The ultimate Lake Powell trip begins onboard the top luxury house boats offer–a fleet of like no other. These luxury house boats–ranging from 34 feet to 75 feet in length–combine an exclusive design with luxurious comfort to create the perfect getaway.



A luxury houseboat is a dream come true for those looking to enjoy their vacations at a more affordable price. When you choose to travel with a luxury houseboat, you’ll find that there is so much to do while on your houseboat trip, that you’ll never want to leave.

When you start on your houseboat trip, don’t be surprised to see a new set of skills in you. There are some things that you’ll simply never get tired of doing! One of the best things about owning a houseboat is that you can set up your own schedule. If you’re a morning person, and want to start your day with a massage or a cup of coffee, you have it all to choose from. You can simply take a relaxing break at a nearby spa.

Houseboat trips are also great fun for those who love to shop. The high-tech gadgets you’ll find on houseboats have made shopping on the lake a more exciting and easy experience.

Houseboats are also very popular for honeymooners. Whether you plan to stay on the lake for one night or you plan to spend the entire rest of your life at Lake Powell, you’ll find that a houseboat cruise is the most romantic place to celebrate. Houseboats cruise the lake on their own schedule, and you can choose from many luxury suites designed just for newlyweds. Some of the most luxurious suites include a private deck, Jacuzzi, full kitchen, and even laundry facilities.

In addition to a luxurious suite on your houseboat trip, there are also plenty of activities and sports for you and your guests. Whether you want to spend a leisurely day fishing, or engage in water skiing, there are plenty of options for you to enjoy on your Lake Powell houseboat cruise.

It’s also important to remember that while on your houseboat trip, you won’t have to worry about getting lost. Houseboats provide GPS navigation features that make navigating your houseboat a breeze. There are also several helpful brochures available that will show you maps of the area and give you helpful information about local attractions. If you need to plan a trip around the area, there is a wealth of maps available, including those of the National Parks, so you don’t have to bother yourself.

A luxury houseboat provides you with an opportunity to visit all the popular attractions of this area. There are boat slips for boating enthusiasts and other water activities that are easily accessible, including hot tubs and fishing, so you’ll never have to drive. There are also lodging opportunities near all the major attractions and the town of Cedar City, where you can get some real estate at reasonable rates. Renting a houseboat is the ideal way to make sure you’ll always get to where you need to go.

You’ll also find that houseboats are perfect for family vacations. The amenities are amazing, and you can spend as much time as you like playing games or relaxing. There is no need to pack and leave home because the houseboat provides you with everything you need, from bathrooms to swimming pools. You can bring your children and enjoy the lake as well as a lot of fun.

Houseboat trips aren’t only for people who love to fish and can sail boats; they are also great ways for adventurous visitors to relax and enjoy nature. Many houses of worship, ski resorts, museums, and national parks provide activities for houseboaters of all ages.

Beautiful boat rides on the beautiful lake provide you with the opportunity to spend some quality time with the ones you love. Whether it’s spending some time with your kids on the beach or spending some time in the houseboat spa, taking a houseboat cruise is an experience you’ll never forget.

There is no end to the things you can do when you take houseboat trips. The possibilities are endless, and you’ll be amazed how affordable it can be.

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