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In general, the six news values listed above are what we consider to be the essential elements for a healthy news industry. These values have been considered the most important for years, but some sources of news have come under scrutiny. In fact, some media outlets have actually stopped reporting some news because they considered it to be not reliable enough.

The six main news values are as follows: timeliness, proximity, prominence, popularity and relevancy. Each of these values has its own specific definition but generally speaking, the news that is newsworthy will fall into one of these categories. News is said to be timely when it can be verified as being current within the day.



Some sources of news have been known to put out false information and exaggerate their main news values. In addition, some outlets may not give enough coverage to certain types of news because they are not important to the general public. The media is also a breeding ground for many stories that are not all that important, especially in the current political climate. When these kinds of stories get published, they create an air of sensationalism around them.

Newsworthiness has been called into question by many in the media in recent times. In fact, the recent terrorist attacks in London are the perfect example of how the news can be spun and misinterpreted. The reality of the situation was completely covered, but certain aspects of the story were left out due to politics. There is a reason that certain topics must not be discussed during news broadcasts, although the reason is usually political in nature.

With all the controversy surrounding the news today, it is very difficult for the average citizen to separate fact from fiction in news reporting. As a result, many sources of news are being manipulated and distorted for one reason or another, which means that the news can easily become a major source of controversy.

In conclusion, the five major sources of news are considered very important. They are as follows: timeliness, proximity, prominence, popularity, relevancy and topicality.

When it comes to the importance of timeliness, it is not something that major news outlets always keep up with. For instance, some news organizations will post breaking news stories on their front page before other media outlets can. This means that the story is of more importance to them than other news organizations. When a story of importance has been reported in a major outlet, it will appear on their front page before it spreads to other media outlets.

For example, there are many major news outlets that report the same stories on different days of the week. This means that a story that appears on CNN one day will be different from the same story that appears on the front page of the New York Times the next day.

In terms of proximity, this is something that all major news outlets are extremely concerned with. A major source of news will not report on a story that is not of high interest to them. For example, a story on a celebrity who has died in a small town would never be of much interest to a major news organization. This means that a story on the death of a celebrity would not get a big splash in the media if the person dies in a large city like Los Angeles.

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